Our Achievement

Achievements are things you did that had a lasting impact for your company or client. It is a result that we personally bring about while fulfilling a particular role. Typically they are things that we created, built, designed, sold or initiated. In these all aspects we've happily achieved from our honorable customers. This is our company's achievement.









Our Service

Get personalized web design and development solutions from us to enhance your personal and business visibility, growth, and engagement, today!

Domain & Hosting Service

Discover the appropriate domain name and hosting package for your business

  • Affordability
  • No Limits
  • Optimized Control Panel
  • Friendly Support
  • Easy to Use
  • 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Safe & Secure

Website Development

Ensure the best web experience for your customers with dynamic web design & development services

  • We have experience
  • We have Necessary technical skills
  • We do effective communication
  • Easy to Use
  • Safe & Secure
  • high-quality results

Software Development

Get personalized software for your business to drive higher revenue and engagement

  • Custom Software Development
  • Software Testing & QA
  • Cloud Computing
  • Easy to Use
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Data Science

E-Commerce Service

Keep your customers updated with all-in-one e-commerce & shop management system

  • Supply chain management
  • Automated data collection system
  • Internet marketing
  • Inventory management systems
  • Online funds transfer
  • Mobile Responsive

Mobile Apps Development

Don’t miss any opportunity and stay connected with your customers by offering Android & iOS mobile app

  • Custom Android app development
  • Progressive Web App development
  • Mobile app porting
  • Consulting and prototyping
  • Automated QA services
  • notification & geofencing services

Video & Graphics Design

Classic It is working with logo design, graphics design & video creation. We are a Graphic Design Service company in Bangladesh providing...

  • Graphic Design
  • PowerPoint Design
  • Vector Design
  • 3D Design
  • Photoshop Design
  • Infographic Design

Our Creative Products

School Management Software

School management software is a type of software that helps educational institutions manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently. It is designed to handle administrative tasks such as student enrollment, attendance tracking, grading, scheduling, and billing.

  • Students Portal
  • Parents Portal
  • Examination & Assessments
  • SMS & Email Messaging
  • Class Attendance
  • Teachers Portal
  • Invoice & Receipts
  • School Schedules & Calendar
  • Online Payments

Pharmacy Software

Pharmacy software is a type of software designed specifically for use in pharmacies and other healthcare settings. It can help pharmacists manage their daily tasks more efficiently, including prescription processing, medication dispensing, inventory management, and billing and invoicing..

  • Stock Reports
  • Pos
  • Supply
  • Expense
  • User Friendly

Pos Software

Classic It gives POS software programs and hardware solutions for organizations to simply accept client payments. Our POS plans are geared in the direction of restaurants and retail, even though it`s an excellent choice for service-primarily based organizations as well.

  • Barcode Scanner for Quick Billing
  • Sales & Purchase Management
  • Offline Billing / Desktop Application
  • Tax Management (VAT,GST etc.)
  • Stock Management

Publication Website

Publication websites typically have a user-friendly interface that allows readers to browse, search, and access content easily. They may also offer features such as subscription options, social media sharing, commenting systems, and email newsletters.

  • Powerful Admin Panel
  • Admin, Author, Reviewer User Roles
  • Manage Article and Comments
  • Manage Articles
  • Article Category Setup
  • Requirement Setup
  • Reviewer Setup
  • Profile Setting

Courier Management Software

Courier management software is a type of software that helps courier and logistics companies manage their operations more efficiently. It is designed to handle tasks such as order management, dispatch, delivery tracking, and reporting.

  • Courier Management Software
  • Facebook / Google/ Email login
  • Place order by adding Packaging Details
  • multipale payment
  • Realtime massaging with the rider
  • Assign order to rider from the admin panel

Tailor Management Software

Tailor management software is a type of software that helps tailoring businesses manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently. It is designed to handle administrative tasks such as customer orders, Measurements, inventory management, employee management, billing, and reporting.

  • Dashboard
  • Measurements
  • Oeders
  • Customer
  • Manage Expenses
  • Users & Salaries
  • Activity Log
  • Settings & Taxes
  • Many More

ERP Software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) management software is a type of software that helps businesses manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently by integrating various business processes into a single system. It is designed to handle administrative tasks such as inventory management, financial management, human resources management, and customer relationship management.

  • Inventory Monitoring
  • Make Better Decision
  • Remote Access
  • Debits
  • Comfortable Sales System
  • Bulk Data insert
  • Spectacular Dashboard
  • Data backup

E-commerce Website

We are careful to maintain our customer's demand with security and attractive management systems. We have a dedicated team to achieve satisfaction from our customers.

  • Physical Product Sell
  • Digital Product Sell
  • License Product Sell
  • Affiliate Product Sell
  • Product Attribute Option
  • An easy-to-use checkout
  • Order Tracking
  • eCommerce SEO capabilities

Our Testimonials


Sujon Pall


I'm absolutely happy with their product. I can recommend anyone to buy their services and the main reason is, their after sales service which is undoubtedly top notch and satisfactory.


Jasika Islam

Janani E-commerce

This is Undoubtedly Fantastic IT company..... Run by the most cool headed guy in Bangladesh IT industry.


Jannat Khan

T-Shirt Design Website

One of The best service & comfortable Company. Thanks


Poly Ray


Good Software Company in bangladesh.


Mohammad Nazmul Huda

Harval E-Store

i have worked with them and they try their best to fulfill the requirements of the customer


Radhuni Tips

Radhuni Tips

Very good company and best service my website.

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